I want to first thank myself for joining a unicorn dating site. I spent a lot of time going to bars and clubs with my friends, hoping someone would come to pick me up. I am grateful for all the time I spent in the bar, it taught me one thing; what kind of man should I stay away from!

There are crawlers everywhere in the bar, and you never know who will pick you up. We should be more cautious about protecting our own safety. Through the dating site, you can see who is interested in you and who you are interested in long before you go home with them. For me, using online unicorn dating sites is entirely for safety. My friends always leave with the people in the club. This is not my style. I think I am always too scared. At least now I can see who I’m talking to, chat with three people first, and get to know them in advance.

About 4 days ago, I met a couple on a unicorn dating website – FindLocalUnicorn.com. His name is James. He looks very good, and his wife really wants me to join them. I found them through the push message feature on the dating site, because James seems to be a very kind, calm, and smart person. James's wife cares about the environment as much as I do, and he is doing his best to actively deal with the matter at hand. He is very concerned about current events and problems, and tends to pay attention to everything he does. Well, that sounds great, hehe!

Although I hardly know the James and her wife, in fact, we only shared a few pieces of news. I am glad to know that I have complete control and can cut off our relationship at any time. Dating sites do give you the ability to do this. If you are still worried about your safety, or really just lost interest, you can tell them on the free dating site, I am not interested in you, sorry?

In any case, I still use this unicorn dating site to talk to the James and Mrs. I hope everything goes well between us. We have an appointment next weekend to go to a small town barbecue together, very much looking forward to it.

Of course, I joined this site for free, but I spend $30 to upgrade premium member. Also for the sake of security, I chose the paid function. I also believe that this will make my information more secure. And this way I can communicate better with other people.